CCNA Salary in Los Angeles area?


Hey guys, what is the salary range for a CCNA in Southern California? I come from a Desktop Technician background with 3 to 4 years of experience. I have very little real world experience with networks. I am determined to change this in 2019. I’ve been tagging along with the network guys at my current job helping with switch upgrades and some basic troubleshooting.


I kinda got interested too… and look what I’ve found,-Los-Angeles-CA


I knew somebody that came from doing cabling background and just got hired a month ago as a LAN technician with startup of about ~$65K. I know he has no CCNA, I just imagine how much more companies will pay with CCNA cert.


Wow that’s good money. I have some friends coming out of college with a 4 year degree making about the same if not less. Thanks for the link :+1: