Got task to clean a switch today


I like your site but I can’t find a topic on cleaning a switch. Is that a correct term, cleaning?
Thanks in advance.


First of all welcome to the forum Aay_Teh.

Second, you have a broad question. Let’s dissect it a little bit. You need to clarify with your supervisor/lead or whomever ask you to do this task if they meant HARDWARE or SOFTWARE cleaning. =D

HARDWARE – this is if they want you to do physical cleaning like wiping-off dust/spider webs from the network device or removing foreign materials covering some fans. But in my years of experience in the field, I never was task to do hardware maintenance. Seems like companies just let these network devices run until they die or reach end-of-life. This is true with retail chains, banks sites/ATM machines, and data-center environment. These hardware last a long time as long as they have good power source and they don’t get wet.

SOFTWARE – this is when you are ask to secure your companies sensitive information stored in these used devices. Sometime they are referred to data-scrubbing, sanitizing, wiping, etc…basically your lead/supervisor wants you to ERASE the content of the device.

Cisco device, you need to be in :
syntax #del :/filename.ext
example #del flash:/vlan.dat
n.b.: you need to remove config.text, vlan.dat, and startup-config files
n.b.b.: Term ZEROIZATION is available on only the Cisco 5930 ESR.

Juniper device:
user@switch> request system zeroize